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Sensuous, Romantic, or Fantasy Boudoir Photography or Video To Let Every Woman
Look Pretty, Playful, or Provocative
Capturing inner essence, not just outward appearance, to help every woman look her best and most vibrant

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Dramatic, Artistic, Tastefully Seductive, Sensuous, Romantic Boudoir Photography or Video for the Woman
Wants Intimate Portraits to Give To Her Partner or To Have Just For Herself -- all totally free. 

Beautiful, Artistic, Tasteful,
Lingerie, Nude or Partially Nude, or Sexy Fully Clothed Boudoir Photography and/or Video
(Great Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, or Anytime Present for Your Partner or for Yourself)

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Comments from Boudoir Photography Studio Clients

What a true delight you were to work with! From the moment I arrived you welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you. -- S.L.

No one who looks at these pictures would ever believe I am almost 70 years old; you made me look 35 years younger. How did you do that?! These pictures are really amazing! -- M. P.

I almost called to cancel. I was so nervous; I've never done anything like this before. But it turned out to be really fun, and I relaxed right away. I am totally surprised how comfortable I felt and how much fun this was. And the pictures are great! Thank you so much! -- K.S.

The pictures you took were the best present my wife has ever given me! And the poses you did of her were absolutely perfect. It was like you knew exactly what I wanted. Thank you. -- K.B. [husband of client]

I always have felt that I was fat, even in those times when I had lost a lot of weight. But you have shown me that I am not fat and that I am beautiful. -- R.M. [through tears of joy]

These pictures are great! And I really enjoyed the session -- after the first couple of pictures. This was well worth the drive [300 miles] to do this. I already know I want to come back and do some more that are even sexier. -- T.R.

I appreciate that you were very professional. I have always wanted to do pictures like this, but I was afraid to. I finally decided I was just going to go ahead and do it, but I was still really nervous about it. You made me feel very comfortable, and I love the pictures. I am really glad I did it. -- J.F.

My boyfriend is going to love these! ... And if he doesn't, there are plenty of guys who will! -- D.S. [age 62]

Firstly, thanks for making me feel so comfortable. You are a true professional. You make a woman feel worthy and beautiful, though we see so many flaws in ourselves. Those pictures are going to be a beautiful gift to a very special person in my life. Rick you are not only a professional photographer you are a remarkable person. Thank you. -- Fay

I am so glad I came to you for these pictures.  As I told you when I called to get more information, I pose for my husband a lot, but the pictures just are not good and I needed to see whether the problem with them is him or me.  The pictures you took of me show me the problem is him.  You were nice enough to explain to me it has to do with him not having the right lighting because that would be expensive, and I can see why you say that when I see how you work with the studio lights and he just uses the camera's flash, but I don't think he has the eye for it that you do either.  So I think you were just being kind.  Or maybe he just loves me so much he thinks everything looks good.  But I know it doesn't.  I liked that you chose just the good angles and used lots of shadows to hide some things that need not to show.  And I liked that you were able to draw out and catch good expressions on me instead of just shooting whatever blank or weird expression I happened to have, not knowing what I am doing or how I look.  Thank you.  -- W. R.

I saw the article you had written for the newspaper, and am just calling to tell you that you took nude pictures of me 30 years ago, and I treasure them now even more than I did then. I always thought they were beautiful pictures, but now they just mean even a lot more to me. -- R.E.

I wanted to personally thank you again for the boudoir portraits that you did for me. As I told you my fiancÚ is overseas and this was part of his Christmas package. He absolutely loved receiving them for Christmas. In his package was also a telephone card and he called me immediately. I will always remember the happiness in his voice and how proud he was to receive them. He told me he could live off those pictures instead of the food that was part of his Holiday Gift. But his gift to me was asking me to marry him as soon as he gets back to the USA. You know I was very nervous that day at first but you were so professional and set me at ease it became a very enjoyable day for me too. I actually felt like I was a model. I'm also thankful that you gave me the portraits on a disk just in case the originals get damaged. If anyone else reads this and are thinking about doing this for "their man" I fully recommend it. -- P.K.

I am glad you have the CD packages because we are on a limited budget now, but I wanted to be able to give my husband some special pictures I knew he would love. You retouched the ones I really liked, but he enjoys all of them on his computer. He even has made some slide shows for himself and added music to them. It makes me feel special and beautiful that he likes them so much. I never thought of myself as beautiful or sexy before and most days I still don't, but I have to say you brought out something in me that I didn't know was even there. These pictures just amaze me. When we can afford to have some of the sexier ones printed, we will do that. I am glad I have them now though. And we had some of the ones that were not so revealing printed as 5x7s at one of the places you said we could, and, just like you said, they are professional quality for less than fifty cents each. I even had one of the nice portraits you took during the session printed for my mother in an 8x10 for $1.50. That is even more amazing! She loves it, and thinks I must have spent too much money on her. I didn't tell her that wasn't true -- or about the rest of the pictures. Thank you sooooo much! -- M.T.

I am so proud of my latest set of boudoir pictures. Thank you for making me feel like a beautiful woman. You captured the part of me that feels attractive, sexy, and desirable. You are so encouraging and have such creative ideas about posing. I am simply average and have my flaws, yet you made me look incredible! -- K.G.

I never thought I could look this good. When I came in I had no intention of posing for anything revealing because I was sure that would not look good, but after seeing the first pictures you took during the session, I trusted your judgment, and so I was willing to pose nude. I am glad I did. These pictures are truly phenomenal. I would never have thought I could look this good. You do simply amazing work! -- H. L.

I have to admit that once I saw how good the pictures were from the first couple of poses, it was a real exciting 'turn on' posing.  That was an unexpected and added pleasure, especially after having been so nervous.  And it was kind of like a fantasy come true, but under safe conditions, since I was comfortable with you.  And it added to my excitement when you thought the pictures were really good and pointed out things about them I hadn't even noticed or never thought about.  I know you have photographed thousands of women, but you made me feel special because you were so clearly enthusiastic about so many of the poses and pictures and told me in what ways they were different from what you had done before and how that was cool because it allowed you to still be creative.  You made me feel like I was beautiful and sexy, and believe me, that was pretty miraculous, since that is definitely not my normal self-image.  So it was not just a good photo session, but a great experience I am grateful to have had.  -- A. W. 

I had thought I would be uncomfortable posing this way for a man I didn't know (or even any man I do know, other than my husband, and probably even for him).  So, as I told you, I went to a female boudoir photographer last year.  But I was really uncomfortable there because I felt really foolish trying to look sexy for a woman.  And the poses just came out kind of lifeless and my eyes were blank or frightened or just puzzled looking.  I stewed about it because I thought I could do better, but was afraid maybe I couldn't -- until I called you and decided to try again because you seemed to understand and were encouraging.  (Plus, I liked that you don't charge any fee if I don't like any pictures, and you said you would show me what you are shooting as we go along and I could just stop any time for no cost to me if I didn't think we were getting anywhere.)  I was really surprised at how much more comfortable I was with you, and how just having some sexual tension because you are a man (and because you kid and kind of flirt in a fun way) helped the poses have some life in them.   I like these pictures much better.  And my husband really likes them better.  So thank you from both of us.  L. D.

Woman volunteer wanted for demo video or videos for in-studio use to show other clients. 
Must be over age 30, and preferably over age 40.  No upper age limit.
Call for further information: (205) 835-0039
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