The Meaning of Love by Richard Garlikov is a reflective, analytic book that explains a useful and meaningful way of defining and describing love.  

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If you are looking for love, would you recognize it if you found it?
Can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?
Between love and attraction?
Between love and sexual desire?
Between love and friendship?
Between sex and intimacy?
Between a good relationship and one that is only pleasurable?

The Meaning of Love offers and explains a definition of love in a way that is interesting, intense, clear, logical, and meaningful. All relationships --love, infatuation, friendship, dating, marriage, family, community, and professional-- involve three key elements:

These determine the nature and quality of our relationships; and The Meaning of Love explains how they interrelate, and why attraction --the normally considered most important emotional element and conventional hallmark of love-- is not sufficient to signify a relationship as one of love, no matter how strong or how enduring that attraction may be.

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Philosopher Richard Garlikov presents a meaningful perspective for looking at all relationships, particularly "romantic" ones. Whether you are dating with questions, married with concerns, divorced with doubts, or just wanting to understand relationships better in general, The Meaning of Love provides an important framework for more productive and satisfying reflections.

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by Rick Garlikov